animator, illustrator & comic book artist
currently living in Brussels, Belgium

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Week n°7, illustration to the Brussel deze week short story contest.

A steakhouse between some sexshops, only at the Boulevard Adolphe Max.

Week n°6, the Grand Place of Brussels in Brussel deze week (short story contest).

This is the place where we Belgians all eat wafels together.

My new comic “The Big Night is for sale!

The story follows the chance meeting between a colonial, Senegalese soldier fighting for the French army during the Great War and a young French boy. In the dead of winter, the boy is shocked to meet a black man in person for the first time.

You can get it at my shop, just click here.

Week n°5, café ‘Monk’ in Brussel deze week.

To all the musicians out there: if I could turn back time, I would (probably) draw some pedals to the piano. Oops!

Week n°4, illustration to the Brussel deze week short story contest.

On the roof of ‘Parking 58’.

"The newspapers made them look darker because of the way the ink works. They showed Africans in grass skirts in a line never smiling. That was before the war. Now they dressed them in clothes.”

Excerpt from my comic “The Big Night”, a short story about a boy meeting a colonial soldier during The Great War.

For those who live in or like to visit Berlin, come and see the exhibition with lots of interesting artists.